Find the Zen within you at Zen Chez Vous.
Our registered massage therapists offer a wide range of treatments to help you manage stress and release tension.

In a world where you can be anything....Be Zen.

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Which massage is for you?
*taxes not included. Insurance receipts available

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Lymphatic Drainage

This massage is very light in pressure but can vastly improve circulation and aid detoxification. Some conditions can result in the build up of lymph fluids. This massage can benefit those

with arthritis, lymphedema, fatigue

and digestive issues.

60min        $95

75min       $115       

Indian Head Massage

This technique focuses on head, scalp, neck and shoulders to relieve stress, headaches, anxiety and fatigue. Not only will your body feel rejuvenated afterwards, but your mind and spirit will also reap the benefits.

60min        $95       


Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is the most common massage. Designed to help relax the entire body.

This massage uses light to moderate gliding strokes encouraging the blood towards to heart. This will increase the level of oxygen in the blood, detoxing your muscles and improving flexibility.

You will feel lighter and more calm after a session.

60min        $95

75min       $115

90min       $135

Deep Tissue / Therapeutic

 If you suffer from low back pain, tight shoulders, joint pain, limited range of motion then this massage is for you.  Deep tissue works by breaking down knots in the deep layers of muscle and fascia. You may feel some discomfort but soon you will find relief after this treatment.

60min        $95

75min       $115

90min       $135

Reflexology + Massage
Cupping Massage

Reflexology applies pressure to specific points on the foot related to your organs and systems. By stimulating the nervous system reflexology induces deep relaxation, eliminates toxins and improves circulation. By doing so, can help with migraines, urinary tract conditions, improve quality of sleep, reduce depression, and relieve pain. In a 45 minute treatment, reflexology can ease those tired achy feet while also helping the bodies natural ability to heal. 

Cupping is a type of deep tissue massage used for pain reduction, inflammation, blood flow, relaxation and can even reduce celulite!

In this session your therapist will use silicone cups to lift tissues and slide along tired

aching muscles.

You will leave feeling relaxed, energized and

on your path towards wellness.

60min        $95

75min       $115

90min       $135

60min        $115

75min        $130

90min        $145

Hot Stone Massage

Warm and soothe your body with this age-old treatment. The heat from the stones will increase circulation to relieve tension.

This massage can reduce stress, anxiety

and promote better sleep.

Nothing better than Hot Stones on a cold day.

Book now!

60min       $115

75min       $130

90min       $145

Pre Natal Massage

Receiving massage during pregnancy can reduce stress, loosen tight muscles and keep your lymphatic system working optimally; flushing out toxins, leaving your session feeling lighter.

One of our trained therapists will bring care to you so you are relaxed and prepared for a

more comfortable delivery.

**Please ask your doctors approval  before booking during your pregnancy.

60min        $95

75min       $115

90min       $135

Couple's Massage

Treat yourselves to massage therapy and spend quality time together. 
Great gift idea, anniversary celebration or just time to relax with a loved one.

We can accommodate you both in the

same room or back to back.
*Must contact for availability and to

book this service.

60min        $95 ea.

75min       $115 ea.

90min       $135 ea.

Therapeutic Stretching

This massage and stretching sequence

is performed clothed and on a mat.

It will help to improve flexibility, circulation,

range of motion and flow of energy.

Please come dressed in comfortable clothing.

60min       $95

75min       $115    

Exfoliation Massage

Relax and rejuvenate your skin with an organic blend of sugar and essential oils.

Remove dead cells, impurities and improve circulation. Topped off with hot towels and a great massage. This treatment is

the ultimate experience!

60min       $115

75min       $130

90min       $145

Sports Massage

Sports massage is designed to increase muscle performance, decrease risk of injury and assist athletes with competition preparation. But it's not just for athletes! Sports massage can be helpful for injury recovery, overuse issues, muscle imbalances and targeted pain management. In this session you'll receive a 15mins evaluation along with 60 mins massage targeted to your specific need.

75 mins     $115

In Home Massage

If you can't find the time to come to us, we offer massage right to your doorstep!

*Prices vary depending on location.


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Our Policies

Cancellation/No Show Policy
Your business is valued, and your cooperation is appreciated.

We are making a commitment to you to guarantee your appointment time and

refuse all other requests once you have made your appointment.

We have a strict cancellation policy to protect the livelihood of our therapists.

  • To avoid fees, Please respond promptly to our confirmations sent 3 days before any appointment .

  • Cancellations made 48 hours or less will be subject to 50% of the service.

  • Cancellations made the same day/no show's will be subject to the FULL cost of the service rate.

  • In the case of emergencies or if you wake up sick, please let us know as soon as possible,
    charges will be based on the discretion of the therapist.

Late Arrivals Policy

Depending on our schedule, late appointments may not receive the full session length for

the service booked.  Full payment will be required for the original booking.

Ethics Policy

Our therapists will not tolerate inappropriate/disrespectful behaviours, actions or comments. Individuals who do not act accordingly will be asked to leave and pay the full cost of the appointment.


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